We need your support to make the Onward Project a lasting legacy to the men and women of the 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force. If you have any photographs of these men and women, and can provide them for publication to the Onward Project team, we would be pleased to receive them​. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to submit a photograph, so if you need any assistance please feel free to ask!


Onward Project

With the completion of Onward - Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, compilation of photographs for the third volume is well underway. If any of your ancestors served with the NZEF during the First World War, and you have portraits of them, Fair Dinkum would love to hear from you with a view to publishing their photograph.


To give an idea of the scale of The Onward Project, we need to find photographs of some 96,500 individuals who served overseas in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during WWI. So far we have published 8,200 photographs, and have sourced a total of just over 20,000 photographs.

Whilst the primary aim of the Onward Project is to publish a photograph of everyone who served, we have also undertaken to publish the best quality images we can obtain. This desire for quality is offset by the simple fact that the largest single resource for portrait photographs is the pictorial spreads published in the weekly newspapers of the day. Papers such as the Otago Witness and Auckland Weekly News published thousands of images. Many of these are of poor quality, and printed on wartime-quality paper.

Tpr Dalrymple - Original Photograph

Tpr Dalrymple - Newspaper Photograph

11/38 Tpr R W Dalrymple.

Original print (left), Auckland Weekly News 16/9/1915 (right)


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It is also possible to take a digital photograph of your original photograph. This is useful if you do not have access to a scanner, or the original photo is too large or in a frame. Most modern digital cameras and mobile phones (iPhone, Galaxy, etc) take high quality images. Make sure to focus on the head and shoulders and preferably take the photo in good natural light without the flash. Once photographed you can submit the photo here.


If neither of the above options is suitable, you can post your photograph to us. We will take great care of any original photographs you send and will return them as soon as possible. Photographs can be posted to:


The Onward Project

12 Kirkdale Place,


Auckland 0632,

New Zealand