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Onward Project

Portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force

The Onward Project seeks to locate and publish a photograph of every member of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who served overseas during the First World War 1914 - 18. These photographs are collated into volumes, with each volume containing around 4100 images. Each image is captioned with the name and service number of the individual, plus a reference to the source of the photo.

To date we have published four volumes, totaling around 16,000 portraits. These have been taken from a wide variety of sources, ranging from private families, through to institutions, museums and newspapers. You can see who we have published so far by downloading the index to the first four volumes  - simply click the Download Index box below.

Index to Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Onward

Vol 5 Cover Web.jpg

Volume Five

Work is well underway on Volume Five, so please keep us in mind if you locate any WW1 portrait or named group photographs. Please also bear in mind that we may have already published a photo e.g. a newspaper copy, but you then locate a better-quality image - possibly even the original print. We will re-publish photos when there is a quality improvement. This is all part of our desire to ensure the best possible image is recorded for posterity as part of the Onward Project.

Phil was recently interviewed on Lately with Karen Hay on RNZ National. The interview explains the rationale behind the Onward Project and may help answer some of your questions.

RNZ National - Interview with Karen Hay
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Onward Vol. 2

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