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He Faithfully Served

SKU: 978-0-473-67159-4
  • The life story of 11/542 George Parsons, who sailed with the Main Body NZEF in 1914, and served the entire war, at Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and Syria, with the NZMR, Imperial Camel Corps and 2nd NZ MG Squadron. He was in his thirties when the war began, and having survived the harsh conditions of Gallipoli and the desert campaign, went on to live a full life, dying at the age of 100. George Parsons was clearly a remarkable man.


    This wonderful biography details George's service in the context of Gallipoli and the desert campaign, and includes numerous photographs, maps and images of items personal to George's family.

    Softcover, 285 pages, colour and b&w images

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