The Catlins and the Great War

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  • The Owaka World War One Roll of Honour lists the names of 45 men, but it does not tell the full story or the consequences of the conflict. The toll of young lives was a disaster for such a small community, and for years afterwards men were still dying from wounds, sickness, gas poisoning and suicide. Those who survived to resume their old lives were often scarred forever by their experiences. The authors have compiled a roll call of 424 Catlins soldiers, telling their stories for the first time; those who died and those who survived, side by side on these pages as they were in the trenches 100 years ago. Here is the Catlins story of the Great War and the devastating influenza epidemic that followed..

    ‘Holding the Line’ 
    Army Organisation 
    New Zealand Timeline
    Part One – The Men
    ‘Those Bitter Days’
    Part Two – The Influenza Epidemic
    Appendix One: Men Not Located
    Appendix Two : Statistics
    Appendix Three: The Fate of the Owaka Rugby Club
    Senior Teams, 1913 & 1914
    Bibliography .